Thanks to you, Aaron and your team...that actually went pretty fast, looking back over the dates on our correspondence and docs...I will always recommend you to my friends at the mortgage co. that "pisses you off less"...that was a great line, and I have used it often.

Seriously...thank you again...we do appreciate the great job you did.

Dennis Henderson

Trusted Professionals' Network has the follow through and efficiency in its operation to satisfy all clients.

Marty Leffler, CPA and Business Manager


Your system is exceptional, as are your staff.

Thanks much,


Brigadier General John E. Iffland

Thanks so much Cheryl. This is very helpful and you have been fantastic every step of the way. I would recommend you to everyone with the greatest pleasure.

Sharon Bialy

I would like to express my pleasure in the professionalism of Trusted Professionals' Network. Prior to my association with them, I had used another company for the last three years. One of the reasons that I made the change to Trusted Professionals' Network was that I was not kept "in the loop by the old mortgage company" on the progress they were making with my clients. They guaranteed me that I would be advised every step of the way when an activity was occurring with one of my clients. From getting emails weekly on the progress of the loan process to the spreadsheets that I am provided to help implement my college funding plan, I am extremely impressed with our relationship.

Dennis Stewart, Educational Funding Solutions

I've been very pleased with the creativity and the diligence of the professionals at Trusted Professionals' Network. They have successfully helped my clients with their financing needs, and have carried each assignment through from beginning to end with the utmost professionalism, continuous communication, and minimized effort on the part of our client, my staff and myself.

Laila Pence, Registered Principal, Pence Wealth Management

I've maintained a long standing relationship with the employees of Trusted Professionals' Network because they deliver something not found elsewhere. Trusted Professionals' Network is a partner I can count on to deliver technical expertise, determination and integrity. Their commitment to my business and their attention to my clients is enhanced by a relationship management database that constantly enhances my standing with clients and creates new business opportunities. Simply put, Trusted Professionals' Network has made us a better financial services provider.

Rich Isaacs, Allegiance Financial Group

Having Trusted Professionals' Network as a Strategic Partner in my business gives me peace of mind because, I know that my client will be handled with professionalism, integrity, competency, and courtesy at all times.

Jack B. Murad, CPA, MBT, Registered Financial Advisor

My clients get printouts of four different ways they can structure a loan and the tax implications and the client decides which makes the most sense to them. It's something CPAs can do because they understand the numbers, so it's a CPA-type analysis, but Trusted Professionals' Network does the computer printout and after verifying the accuracy of the information, we share it with our clients.

Bill Wolf, CPA and Partner, White, Zuckerman, Warsavsky, Luna and Wolf

Trusted Professionals' Network makes my job as a CPA much easier. They're thorough, professional and on top of the lending market trends. But, what really makes me happy is the lines of communications between the client and myself... makes it easy to monitor.

Marc Bloom, CPA

I have been in practice for over 25 years and in all that time, the employees of Trusted Professionals' Network are the only mortgage professionals that I have been associated with. They delivered all that was promised and have maintained the highest ethical standards that I expect when having contact with my firm and my clients.

Andy Chapkis, CPA


Who would have thought that a refinance could be so much fun. Well, maybe not fun, but certainly not the nightmare it would have been without your input and guidance. We really appreciated your attention to detail and timely responses to our "endless" questions. You are clearly the Saint of Patience, not to mention knowledgeable about all things "financeable". Linda is still amazed and what we accomplished in such a short period of time. Oh and she says "thank you" for walking her through all the "electronic stuff". It was truly a pleasure working with you and we look forward to sharing cocktails, with you and your wife, in our "newly refinanced" home in Brentwood.


I have been working with Mark Klein for over 25 years. His expertise in the lending field is second to none. Mark's CPA background is extremely useful when it comes to gathering the appropriate documentation and crunching the #'s. Mark Klein's follow up through the extensive loan process is outstanding!. I always recommend Mark Klein to my clients and friends.Lastly, Mark Klein just completed a jumbo refinance for my home, in which, Mark Klein secured a 30 Year Fixed rate of 3.75%. AMAZING!

Kirk D.

Josh Lampel has been a pleasure to work with. He made the whole loan process easy and convenient for us; always patient, polite, sincere, and knowledgable. We would highly recommend Skyline and Josh Lampel to anyone shopping for a mortgage company.


Skyline Mortgage's Reverse Mortgage Seminar brought clarity to the relevance of Reverse Mortgage for Seniors choosing to age in place, in the familiar surroundings of their family home. Their professionals, including Mark Klein and Joe Conrad, delivered the information with confidence and a noticeable degree of competence. We are pleased to have them in our referral network

Marty Yarnell, Estate Planning Attorney

As a Certified Financial Planner®, it is very important to me that I provide excellent advice to my clients. A reverse mortgage is becoming a game changer for many retirees. Joe Conrad has been extremely instrumental and helpful educating and implementing reverse mortgages for my clients

Ted Fischer, CFP® and Founder of Fischer Investment Strategies

Joe Knocked it Out of the Park related to the misconception of Reverse Mortgages and their relationship to qualified Seniors. The no Monthly Repayment Feature, Tax Free Cash and the Fact that you Retain Home Ownership is an outstanding benefit for these types of loans. My Senior Clients will be delighted to have Joe and the Skyline Team handle this process on their behalf

Michael J. Owen, CPA

I was under the gun to put in an offer on a home we really liked. My challenge was that my business was just shy of completing its second year and my private bankers were not able to work outside the box. JoAnn Tattersall represented the seller and recommended I reach out to a company Skyline Home Loans and ask for Josh Lampel. I promptly called Josh and from the first conversation all the way through escrow closing just moments ago, I experienced the highest level of professionalism and service anyone can hope for. Not only did Josh make sure to get the job done, he did it with class and it was a pleasure to work with him. I got a loan, and equally as important earned a friend. Best,


These testimonials were provided by real clients or business partners and are based on real experiences however, individual experiences may vary.